Vince Borrelli and The Joker's Wild



“I like to look up at the stars in the sky and feel the pull, pull, pull of the moon / And then look down at the ground and think about all of the possibilities / And then look my pretty girl in the eyes an say you’re oh, oh so beautiful / And there ain’t nobody here, it’s only me” – from “It’s Only Me” (2021)

This line was a very important one for me, looking back. They say every good lie has a little bit of truth to it, and this song was what broke me out of a songwriting rut. I ran out of things to write about at the time (well, or so I thought) and realized that songs don’t have to be autobiographical. So I decided to have a little fun with this one … but this one line was as true as they come. I love that feeling of external celestial forces, and the pride and possibilities in land. And then love summing it all up.

I started “The Joker’s Wild” right out of music school in 1998. I got a call from Alan at the great “Felix” bar in Adam’s Morgan replying to my ad looking for musicians to start a band. He said, “Did you find your musicians? Because if so I have an opening next Wednesday.” I replied, “Uh … yes. Of course I did! We’re all doing great and, we are available next Wednesday too.” There went that pull, pull, pull of the moon. Now 25 years late, I never looked back. I now have a great solo Singing Guitarist act of which I absolutely love every minute, and am part of the duo “The Identical Twins” with the brilliant Sven Abow, and have spun-off “The Joker’s Wild Trio” and “Joker’s Wild Orchestra”. After releasing The Joker’s Wild’s Live album in 2005, I finally got the opportunity to record songs during the lockdown of 2000. And I just kept on writing, with my next full album set to release in the Fall of 2022.