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Vince Borrelli and The Joker's Wild


The Joker’s Wild ORCHESTRA Part 1

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Vince SOLO May 2019 Videos Sampler – Part 1

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Vince & Sven: A Very Identical Christmas Part 1

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The 2019 Summery Summer Summary – Part 1

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Summer 2019 is HEATING UP!

Bookings for the summer are REALLY heating up and I’M EXCITED!! Wineries … breweries … happy hours … seniors … and MORE! Check out my calendar today and come help me fill the room! 🙂 Redesigned! Now with TONS of new videos!!!

Hey everybody! After a few months of getting to know the new website layout I’ve already improved it EVEN MORE!!  Now the focus is on all the acts that Joker’s Wild and have to offer: Me as a solo performer My new duo act, “The Identical Twins” with Sven[…]