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Vince Borrelli and The Joker's Wild


The Identical Twins!

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“Just You, Just Me” from The Lives at Brambly Park

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Joker’s Wild Swing Dance HIGHLIGHTS

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Joker’s Wild Highlights October 2018: Swing Show

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It’s here! The great 2019 Summery Summer Summary video!

As summer winds down, I decided to take some great moments from multiple summer shows and make a Summer-y. This 2019 Summery Summer Summary highlights some of the fantastic moments of the summer with over 20 minutes of material, and I don’t know, like 60 songs? Anyway … enjoy!!!!!!!

Summer 2019 is HEATING UP!

Bookings for the summer are REALLY heating up and I’M EXCITED!! Wineries … breweries … happy hours … seniors … and MORE! Check out my calendar today and come help me fill the room! 🙂